3D Virtual Reality Glasses with Lefant VR LMJ3S Joystick

This is a device that allows you to partially immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality, creating a visual and acoustic effect of being present in the space specified by the control device (computer). 
It is a design worn on the head, equipped with a video screen and a speaker system. 
A virtual reality helmet is a display worn before your eyes in combination with tracking of head turns, so the picture on the screen always corresponds to which way a person is looking. 
All this makes the helmet suitable for games with immersion or panoramic video – a movie that goes around you, and you can look around in life.

Type: virtual reality glasses 
Type of synchronization: with LCD shutters (active) 
Connection interface: USB 
Connection: Bluetooth, wired. 
Additional features: controller included


Qty :


Producing country China
Type of Virtual reality glasses
Sync type   With LCD shutters (active)
Interface to connect to the source USB
Connection points Bluetooth,  Wired
condition New

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