Dual Adjustable Straps for Men and Women/Back Braces -Black

  • Helps relieve pain and discomfort – provides instant and ongoing support to the lower back area whilst retaining a normal range of motion so that everyday and sporting activities can be continued in comfort
  • Reduce work and sport related injuries gives healthy tissue function and post-exercise recovery for optimum performance
  • Comfy design that can be worn discreetly. 3 x strut support system maintains the structure of the belt. Adjustable tension velcro fastener provides tension control. with anti-odour and anti-itch properties, all ensuring that it is comfy
  • Reduce incidents of back pain, your back pain can be triggered by simple everyday activities such as car journeys, workouts, gardening, sitting at your desk or even standing for long periods of time. Avoid this unnecessary discomfort by wearing the lightweight easy to use xo kinetics lower back support
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