The TC68SG is a plug and play Vehicle Tracking Device. This 3G-GPS Vehicle tracker comes without wiring, allowing you to plug directly into your Vehicle’s OBD II Port, that most modern Vehicles will have. These can be normally found on the driver’s side under the steering wheel. They can also be hidden out of site using the OBD II Extender.

With a built-in battery and power on hand from the vehicle, there’s on the need to worry about charging up batteries or installing wires.

It supports Vehicle Positioning, Tracking, Speed Alerts, Geo-Fencing, and other usefully reports.

With a Standard OBD II plug, it can be easily installed into most late model cars with an OBD II Port. The tracker is fast and easy to install without losing popular features.

If the device is removed, you will receive an Alert Message advising you of the removal.

The best part is there are no tools required for installation.

It is a perfect choice for Private Cars, Small to Medium Fleet Management and other Motor Vehicles with standard  OBD II Connector.

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