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Abdominal Gym Roller Abs Rope Exercise Fitness Training Body Strength Wheel Pull
Introduction :
This Multi-functional abdominal roller uses the toughest material to guarantee its efficiency. Made of ABS material, it is light yet strong enough to withstand shock and pressure. The hose is made with the highly elastic tube so it won’t break even with the mightiest pull one your chest, arms, abs, legs, practically your whole body with our abdominal slimming wheel, all in one simple natural movement!

Features: easy to carry, suitable for office and home
Material: ABS / PP
Cushion: EVA
Hose: High-elasticity latex tube
Base Size: 15.75*7.5*2.35inch(40*19*6cm)
Handwheel: 7.87*7.3*4.7inch(20*18.5*12cm)
Color box size: 16.33*7.68*4.92inch(41.5 * 19.5 * 12.5cm)
Color: pink (luxury),blue(luxury)
Twist weight-loss mode:360-degree rotating lumbar disc, multi-directional exercise muscles, exercise pectoralis major, deltoid, trapezius muscle
Healthy abdominal exercise mode: exercise the upper chest muscles
Dumbbell weight-loss mode: Shape the arm, thin arms, enhance the chest type
Barbell back mode: arms and back exercises
Pull rope weight-loss model, thin stomach, reduce the arm, practicing abdomen

Package included:
1x Exercise Abdominal Wheel Roller
1x Manual
1x Storage package

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